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Tailoring to Your Needs


At Koch & Hoos, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to the operations of different political action committees. We tailor our services to your PAC's needs, accounting for differences in budgets and size when recommeding our services, and letting you decide our level of involvement in your PAC's management. Using Koch & Hoos for your PAC outsourcing is a more convenient and cost-effective solution than hiring a PAC Administrator to handle your PAC's financial matters, and we guarantee the same dedication and attention to regulations and your PAC's needs.



Outsourcing Services


In managing the administration of your PAC's operations, Koch & Hoos provides the following customizable services:


  • Caging, data entry and compliance services related to political contributions.

  • With appropriate authorization, Koch & Hoos prepares disbursements and manages accounts payable. This includes check preparation, data entry of disbursements, and preparation of periodic accounts payable reports based on invoices received.

  • Preparation of best efforts and other correspondence.

  • FEC reporting and filing.


FEC Reporting


Koch & Hoos can provide FEC reporting services for your PAC, ensuring that your FEC reports are filed on time and in accordance with FEC regulations. We can also review and amend previous FEC reports to ensure that your PAC's reporting is up to date and in compliance with FEC rules, as well as producing FEC documentation such as employer/occupation follow-ups, requests for additional information, reattribution letters, and other correspondence.

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