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How much do you cost?

Koch & Hoos, LLC can be retained on an hourly basis or for a monthly fixed fee ("retainer").  A monthly fixed fee can provide greater budget stability; whereas, billing on an hourly basis may make more sense where your level of activity is uncertain.  We try to find a billing solution that works best for each client.


Our campaign needs help fast. How quickly can you get started?


At Koch & Hoos, we're always ready to begin assisting your campaign or PAC.  It is helpful to bring us on at the beginning of a campaign.  When establishing your campaign accounting and compliance processes, campaigns often find "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".


We have had problems with our reporting in the past.  Can you help fix our past reporting and assist us moving forward?

Koch & Hoos, LLC has years of experience with audit support and helping campaigns get back on track.  It's never too late to get your accounting and compliance house in order.


We are a 501(c)(4) that as part of our advocacy mission sometimes makes political expenditures.  Can you help with this?



Koch & Hoos, LLC is uniquely qualified to help your 501(c)(4). We know the in's and out's of non-profit accounting and also specialzie in reporting to the Federal Election Commission.  With our knowledge of FEC and other agencies' regulations, we can ensure that your advocacy mission is a success.


I have a campaign finance question.

We're happy to answer any campaign finance questions you may have! Contact us anytime at (703) 299-8571 or at

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