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Our Clients

Koch & Hoos has experience working with a wide range of clients each with very different needs.  Our diverse portfolio of clients allows us to better assist you in finding the organizational structure that best aligns with what you are trying to accomplish.  Given the recent rulings by the Supreme Court, those interested in exercising their political voice have a greater set of options to choose from than ever before.

Campaign Committees


We assist House, Senate and Presidential Campaign Committees with political compliance and accounting issues, allowing them to focus on winning their race.

Corporate and Association PACs


We provide a wide array of outsourcing services to corporate and association PACs.  Services include accounting, campaign finance reporting, training, and review services.

Leadership PACs


We provide PAC reporting and outsourcing services to the leadership PACs for members of the House and Senate.  Leadership PACs are a key way to show support for other members and the Party.

Super PACs and Hybrid PACs


We provide outsourcing services for Super PACs and hybrid PACs, effectively eliminating the need for back office support and in-house accounting staff.

Non-Profits (501(c)(4)s)


Koch & Hoos provides accounting and bookkeeping services for non-profit organizations.  For tax filings, Koch & Hoos has established relationships with tax professionals.

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