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Establishing Your Committee

Koch & Hoos can assist you in setting up your committee and provide the training necessary to make your team effective. Support and training services include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Assist with campaign organizational activities such as the selection of campaign finance software, establishing caging procedures, selection of credit card processing vendor, etc.

  • Provide training to the campaign's in-house staff on accounting procedures as requested.

  • Provide ongoing guidance on the permissibility of contributions and other campaign finance-related issue (e.g., candidate travel, permissible use of funds, etc.)

  • Assist with establishing a budget suited to the campaign's specific requirements.

  • Provide caging, data entry, and compliance services related to the processing of campaign receipts, as well as preparing disbursements and managing accounts payable.



FEC and State Reporting


Campaign finance is often complicated and it must be in compliance with state and federal laws. We can provide the expertise to make the financial reporting process easy for your campaign. Our team at Koch & Hoos has years of experience dealing with the intricacies of FEC reporting and extensive knowledge of the appropriate procedures.


Koch & Hoos can compile your campaign's FEC reports according to federal law and enusre that they are filed on time and correctly. In addition, we can assist in amending and filing past FEC reports to ensure that your campaign has a perfect reporting history.


Report Reviews and Audit Support


Being in compliance with federal and state laws is crucial to a successful campaign. Koch & Hoos provides review services to help campaigns identify and prevent issues related to compliance and reporting. Our review services include:


  • Independently verifying reported and actual cash position of the campaign.

  • Performing comparative analysis of reported receipts with banking activity, and identify the source of possible discrepancies.

  • Conducting a sampling of individual contributor records for accuracy of reporting and completeness of documentation.

  • Performing a detailed review of all disbursement activity for the review period.


Koch & Hoos provides clients with detailed reports on the results of the review and recommendations for correcting any discrepancies. We also work with clients during the review process, providing updates and detailing any potential issues to be adressed prior to delivery.

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